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New intervention using a phone app may help people with OCD

19 November 2018

Almost half of people with obsessive compulsive disorder have extreme fears about touching something they feel is 'contaminated'.

This can mean that after touching a doorknob, say, they then feel compelled to scrub their hands, in some cases even until they bleed.

Conventional treatments, which often involve a combination of a prescription drug (typically an SSRI such as Prozac) plus cognitive behavioural therapy, help only about 60 per cent of people with OCD, so there’s an urgent need for additional treatments.

Now in a new paper published in Scientific Reports, Baland Jalal at the University of Cambridge and colleagues present initial data suggesting that a simple video intervention, delivered via a phone app, might help.

Read more about the intervention in a post by Emma Young on our Research Digest blog.


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