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A new guide to help young people understand voices, visions and distressing beliefs

13 August 2020

The authors of a BPS document on understanding psychosis and schizophrenia have produced an edited version of the document, aimed at children and young people.

The guide, edited by BPS member Anne Cooke of Canterbury Christ Church University, explains in accessible language why some people hear voices when there is no one there, feel suspicious of others, or believe things that others find unusual.

These are experiences often thought of as ‘psychosis’, ‘schizophrenia’, ‘mental illness’ or ‘nervous breakdown’.

The booklet is broken down into sections describing these phenomena, explaining why some people experience them, offering tips on what can help, and discussing how someone can understand their own relationship with them.

Tips to help manage these experiences include taking part in stress-reducing activities, having therapy or, for some people, taking medication.

The Bright Charity, known for its flagship project Star Wards, partnered with the BPS and our Division of Clinical Psychology in designing the booklet.


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