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New dementia briefing suggests that behaviour that challenges can be a result of unmet needs

21 June 2018

The new British Psychological Society (BPS) evidence briefing outlines the importance of having a psychological understanding of the complex causes of behaviour that challenges in dementia.

Behaviour that challenges can be defined as an expression of distress by the person living with dementia (or others in the environment) that arises from unmet health or psychosocial needs.

It often reflects the person's attempts to maintain a sense of control, dignity, and wellbeing, or to ease their discomfort or distress.

The key messages of the briefing, prepared by the Society's Dementia Advisory Group, include:

  • Behaviour that challenges can be a consequence of a person's unmet needs
  • Non-pharmacological approaches are the first-line treatments
  • Service pathways for people living at home require different workforce skills and resources compared with those living in 24 hour care settings

Read the full Behaviour That Challenges In Dementia evidence briefing.

Learn more about the new NICE guidance on supporting people with dementia.


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