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New BPS Interim Senate launched today

13 April 2018

The new BPS Interim Senate will not only determine our policy priorities for external influence, it will have a much wider role in engaging our members. This is our first step towards greater collaboration and co-production across the Society.

Our new Interim Senate, launched today, will help the Society achieve greater impact and influence as well as providing our members with an effective and democratic way of selecting our organisational priorities.

Dr Lisa Morrison Coulthard, BPS Acting Director of Policy, said:

“We need to be more focused in our external influencing. We are far more likely to achieve impact and influence with a core set of overarching policy messages than with lots of competing ones.

The role of Senate is, however, not just to determine policy priorities of the Society. It will also have a much wider role in engaging our members.

What that will look like for Senate 2018 is still under development, however members' views will be sought, heard and listened to.”

The Senate has been developed after concerns were raised by the member-led Structural Review Group regarding difficulties the Society faced in attempting to meet its members' demands to have greater impact on policy and how policy priorities are determined. Following the Structural Review the Society’s priorities will be determined by the new Interim Senate (for overarching Society priorities) and the new Strategy Boards (for priorities specific to research, education & training, and practice).

“Any government serious about improving the lives of the public and understanding why intractable problems persist must ensure that their policies and interventions are based on an in-depth understanding of human behaviour", continued Dr Morrison Coulthard:

"Our main objective is to ensure psychological evidence is routinely placed at the heart of government to inform and encourage effective policy making. The Society has a uniquely psychological perspective on policy-making and we want to convince policy makers, funders, and commissioners of the value of our evidence and our role.” 

The first Interim Senate meeting will be held in October 2018. BPS Member Networks are invited to submit campaign proposals for consideration for shortlisting and debate at the October Interim Senate meeting 29 June 2018. 


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