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National mental health event looks for real change in workplace culture

03 October 2017

Joint BPS and SOM takes a look at workplace mental health and how a chance in workplace culture can be achieved.

Are the places we work more attuned to mental health and responsive to mental illness in 2017? That’s the focus of a BPS Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) and Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) event on workplace mental health, being held this afternoon in London and hosted by Aviva.

Mental health is not a person issue, but one on which all societies must focus and support. This event is about the transformation of workplace culture. It will focus on the trials and triumphs of individuals and organisations seeking to achieve health in the workplace.

It supports the remit that mental health is not ‘an issue’ for organisations, but a health condition that if addressed in an appropriate manner will allow individuals with mental health issues to function more effectively at their jobs and within a supportive work environment.

The fully-booked event will see 300 delegates gather to hear workplace leaders of change discuss their successes, failures, challenges they see ahead, and what keeps them inspired. These workplace leaders of change are:

Dr. Sally Coomber - Mental ill health: the challenges for the employer
Professor Neil Greenberg - Mental Health and how to ‘Sustain Resilience at Work’
Professor Ivan Robertson - Psychological well-being, physical health and work behaviour
Professor Peter Kinderman - A psychological model of mental health: implications for employers and employees

The event follows the Prime Minister’s recent announcement to support mental well-being in the workplace.


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