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Mr Sexist? Student group chair to present her research at our annual conference

27 April 2018

Madeleine Pownall, Chair of our Student Member Group, is presenting a poster at our annual conference next week.

Her research, completed at the University of Lincoln with Dr Nathan Heflick, looks at gender and stereotypes in children’s books – the Mr Men series in particular.

Madeleine says:

“I think it’s interesting how parents may not necessarily be aware of how powerful messages in books can be, particularly how ideas about gender, power, and relationships can be transmitted through story books. I’m also interested in exploring the different ways that parents choose, use, and interact with books for their children.

I am really looking forward to presenting this poster at the annual conference, because it is a topic that most people can relate to, understand, and debate. The Mr Men series lends itself well to critical discussions about gender because they are so popular and memorable.

This seems to be an area within psychology that everyone holds some view on, and I look forward to discussing it throughout the conference.”

Our annual conference is taking place at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, from 2-4 May.

Online registration has now closed, but you will be able to register at the conference. Please note that the accommodation is now fully booked and places at the conference dinner will be subject to availability.

Click here to read more about our annual conference.


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