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Mothers with multiple children have an intuitive grasp of behavioural genetics

19 February 2018

Several leading psychologists have recently raised concerns about the stranglehold that the radical left has on free speech and thought in our universities.

The psychologists argue this includes biological denialism: claims that differences between individuals and groups are entirely the result of the biased system or mere social constructions. More generally, many commentators are horrified by the apparent resurgence of far-right ideologies and their twisted interpretation of genetic science.

It’s timely, then, that a team of researchers, led by psychologist Emily Willoughby at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, recently surveyed over 1000 online US participants, asking them about their personal circumstances, education, political orientation, and also to estimate the relative contribution of genes and the environment to variation in 21 different human traits, from eye colour to intelligence.

This is probably the most detailed study to date of people’s insights into findings from behavioural genetics, and the findings have just been published as a pre-print at the Open Science Framework.

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