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Modernising our voting system

10 January 2022

We’ve switched to online voting as standard.

From time to time, we ask members to vote on important issues such as elections for key positions in the BPS and on certain changes to our governance.

Several years ago, we introduced online voting to make it easier for members to take part in these important decisions and we’ve now made the decision to use online voting as standard.

How does this change affect me?

All members with an email address registered with the BPS already automatically receive information about votes electronically as well as receiving printed voting papers in the post.

From now on, you will no longer receive printed voting papers.

Can I opt out of online voting?

We recognise that some people, often for accessibility reasons, may prefer to receive voting papers via post.

You can update your preferences to opt out of online voting in your online MyBPS account.

We hope members will welcome this change and recognise that this is designed to improve and streamline our voting processes, enabling us to capture the votes of our membership efficiently and effectively, and in a way which is respectful to the society’s environmental impact.


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