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Military psychologists debate the challenge posed by fake news

08 November 2018

Our Wessex Branch held its sixth military psychology conference at the Ark Conference Centre in Basingstoke today.

The event brought together researchers and practitioners to discuss the psychological impact of misinformation and identify areas of good practice for future research.

The keynote speakers were Professor Karen Douglas on ‘The psychology of conspiracy theories’ and Professor Rebecca Milne on ‘Don't break the chain - from effective communication to successful decision-making’.

Presentations, posters and workshops looked at questions like:

  • How can we spot social media that is presenting information in a misleading way?
  • What are the defence and security challenges in today's information age?
  • How can psychological research and practice support the wellbeing of those facing misinformation?
  • What is effect of misinformation on decision making?
  • How do we understand risk when we cannot be certain of the information received?

Sarb Bajwa, chief executive of the British Psychological Society, said:

“I congratulate our Wessex Branch on another successful military psychology conference.

Today’s subject matter – fake news – is a reminder that whatever the subject in the news headlines, psychology has much to contribute to our understanding of it.”



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