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A message from your newly elected representatives

31 July 2019

Our recent Annual General Meeting at the Belmont Hotel in Leicester saw two newly elected representatives announced, and marked the changeover in roles for our presidential team.


David Murphy has been our President Elect during 2018/19, and now takes over from Professor Kate Bullen as President for the next year. David says:

“I am honoured to be taking over as President of the Society at such an incredibly exciting time, with the Board of Trustees having recently approved a major upgrade of our infrastructure.

Although we don’t know exactly what this future will look like, we need to be guided on this journey by our shared values of fairness, integrity, transparency, respect for diversity and the higher standards of professionalism and ethical behaviour.

I don’t see my role as President being about imposing my own personal agenda, but about ensuring that all of my fellow trustees are able to contribute effectively to the governance and strategy of the Society.

A couple of specific areas where I see a need for action are taking concrete steps to put our aspirations about promoting diversity and inclusion into action, and developing and championing the value of psychology as a subject at school and university, not only as a route to a career in psychology but as a valuable foundation for a wide range of careers.

We are lucky that so many young people have the opportunity to learn about psychology in the UK, and we have a fantastic opportunity for future generations to be among the most psychologically-minded in the world.”

Dr Hazel McLaughlin has been elected by our members as the new President Elect, and will become President at our AGM in 2020. Hazel says:

“I am delighted to become President Elect for 2019-20, and to contribute to the presidential team. My thanks to all members of the Society for placing your trust in me.

It is a privilege to serve you, the members, and to work on behalf of psychology and psychologists. I am inspired by the example of past presidents, particularly my mentor from my student days at Glasgow University, the late Professor Rob Farr.

I look forward to working closely with our current President David Murphy, the trustees, and the whole BPS team. Now is a time of change, not only within the BPS and psychology, but in our country and globally.

Psychology is a rich and diverse subject with a strong evidence base and core underlying principles. We can talk with one voice and enhance the research and application of psychology for the benefit of people from all walks of life.

I see the value in building communities, encouraging best practice and enabling talented people to reach their potential. I look forward to working together with you to create the authority voice on psychology.”

Dr Roxane Gervais has been elected as Honorary Treasurer, and takes up the position immediately. Roxane says:

“I’m pleased to have been elected the Honorary Treasurer of the Society, and thank the members for voting for me. I consider this a privilege and will do my best to represent them all.

I’ve been a treasurer for one of our member networks, but I’m sure that taking on this position for the BPS as a whole will enhance my knowledge.

I believe that promoting and developing psychology should be the priority for all of us but, as an occupational psychologist, my focus is on the work environment and ensuring that people can function to the best of their abilities.

I will use the insight gained from my work as an occupational psychologist in this new role and am looking forward to getting started.”


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