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Men think women will be impressed by a tattoo, but they're not

21 December 2016

According to a study in Poland, men are much more likely to view a tattooed male body as attractive than their female counterparts.

Men may decide to get tattoos in a bid to attract the attention of women, but a new study from Poland suggests that it's far more likely that other males are the only ones impressed by an inked body.

Conducted using a sample of 2584 heterosexual men and women, researchers found that men were more likely to rate a tattooed shirtless body as more attractive, whilst women tended to prefer the inkless example - and also viewed them as worse prospects as partners and parents.

Women did view tattooed men as healthier, but when it comes to marking yourself out as more attractive, a tattoo could be more likely to get the attention of gentlemen than ladies.

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