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Lord High Mayor of London opens BPS event on gig economy workers

09 October 2019

The Lord High Mayor of London is opening today's joint event by the society’s Division of Occupational Psychology and the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) focusing on lone workers and those in the gig economy.

Over the last three years the DOP and SOM have worked together to raise awareness of the importance of mental health at work by hosting public events with high profile and diverse speakers.

Themes have included the challenges and solutions around mental health at work and how carers, specifically those in health and social care professionals, can best be supported to ensure a healthy and satisfying career. 

This year’s event, ‘Remote, flexible and precarious working: Exploring occupational health policies and practices’ focuses on the health concerns of workers in micro businesses and the gig economy. 

Professor Gail Kinman, a DOP representative, said: 

“By working with partners we can provide a larger knowledge base and a stronger voice to represent the occupational health concerns of a range of workers.

We know that work is good for people but unfortunately work isn’t always a positive experience. Work that is unorganised, in difficult environments, with poorly trained managers and a lack of understanding of human behaviour can create or add to mental health issues. 

The DOP works with partners to highlight the benefits of psychologically healthy workplaces, to both employers and employees, and how these can be achieved.”

'Remote, flexible and precarious working: Exploring occupational health policies and practices' is taking place today at Mansion House in London. 


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