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Launch of BPS membership survey

03 May 2019

We’re launching our membership survey to help us deliver the positive changes we know that members want.

Members will be able to share their views, experiences and challenges, but we need as many responses as possible to make the survey count.

The results will give us a better understanding of the issues that matter most to our members so we can do more to represent them and influence decision makers.

This will help us to become a society that’s led by our members and deliver the vision we are all working towards.

We are aware of issues like increasing workloads, unsupportive organisational cultures and examples of poor leadership within our sector, so we need the detailed evidence from the survey to inform and improve what we offer as a professional body.

The survey, which will run from 29 April to 07 June, will cover key themes including management and leadership, workload, diversity, equality and inclusion. It will ask about members’ career journeys and workplace wellbeing. There will be questions on broad issues that affect all psychologists but also a chance to let us know about specific issues.

It’s the first time we have ever done a survey on this scale, so it will be run on our behalf by the Institute for Employment Studies, an independent, not-for-profit body offering industry expertise. The team we’re working with is led by a psychologist and BPS member. All answers will remain confidential. 

Chief executive Sarb Bajwa said:

"The more members that respond to the survey, the more successful it will be, so it would be great if as many members as possible give us their views.

If we are to become a society that’s led by its members, the first step in achieving our goal is to have a detailed evidence base to help us to influence government policy and improve the support we offer."


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