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Free Journal special issue looks at children’s learning at home

14 June 2018

The latest special issue from the British Journal of Educational Psychology (BJEP) is a collection of papers presented at a series of seminars funded by the British Psychological Society.

Those papers reflect on the concept of ‘scaffolding’ in understanding parent–child tutoring interactions at home and the issue will be available free online until 31 July.

In their editorial, Nicola Yuill and Amanda Carr say:

“We think that these papers provide nuanced discussions of the different mechanisms through which factors such as cultural norms of parenting, school systems, gender‐mediated parental roles, socio‐economic status, and individual factors such as motivation, home environment, and parental beliefs result in specific hypotheses about how these factors make scaffolding play out in different ways.

“Such discussions help us to understand how home interaction can support better educational experiences for children and shows how this research can influence policies in early education and family support.”

Click here to access the special issue of the BJEP


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