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27 February 2019

The four new sections of the British Psychological Society, launched last year, are looking for new members.

The Political Psychology, Male Psychology, Cyberpsychology and Defence and Security Psychology sections were formed in 2018 following a successful ballot of our membership.

To encourage membership of the four new sections, it is free for existing BPS members to join them during 2019, with a fee then applying from 2020 onwards.

Download an application form here.

Interim committees have now been formed for each section, and have given us a short statement on why you should get involved.


“Cyberpsychology focuses on the dynamic and emergent outcomes of human interaction with digital technology, particularly the internet. Our new section has been formed to pursue and formalise a scientific understanding of the human aspect of this digital revolution, and eventually inform on the intended and unintended impacts that these technologies are having on individuals, groups and wider society.”

Defence and Security Psychology

“Our new section will provide a forum for BPS members who are interested in understanding defence and security matters through the application of psychology. We will be embracing psychological perspectives from across a broad spectrum to promote understanding of defence and security issues.”

Male Psychology

“Male psychology studies the thinking, emotion and behaviour of men and boys to look at new or different ways of working with male issues, and so our new section aims to ensure that these issues are sufficiently addressed by those in a position to help.”

Political Psychology

“The aim of our new BPS section is to promote Political Psychology both in the UK and abroad, at a time of increased polarisation and uncertainty. We want to enable and empower citizens with the political skills to meaningfully shape policy, practice, and their worlds.”


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