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Jennifer Murphy wins BPS 2020 Doctoral Award

09 May 2021

We’re delighted to announce that our 2020 Doctoral Award winner is Jennifer Murphy, currently at Royal Holloway University London, for her extensive research on interoception.

Interoception is the sense that helps us to understand what’s going on inside our body. For example, it’s the sense that tells us when we are hungry or cold. During her doctoral training at King’s College London Jennifer published 27 papers; including 17 as first author on this fascinating field.

As well as developing a strong conceptual framework and a leading model of how and why unusual Interoception represents a clinical risk factor,  Jennifer also developed four completely novel behavioural tests that are now standards in the field and used by leading international laboratories. 

Jennifer’s PhD work demonstrated strong interdisciplinary collaboration (both industrial and across academic fields) that has made important contributions to the understanding of the genetic basis of interoception.

On receiving the award Jennifer Murphy said: 

“I am very honoured to receive this award. Looking through the list of previous awardees it is hard to envisage my name alongside these exceptional scientists! Whilst this recognition is wonderful, science is a team effort and I am so grateful for the support of my amazing advisors, mentors and collaborators who made this work possible.”

This award recognises outstanding contributions to psychological knowledge by postgraduate research students undertaken whilst carrying out research for their doctoral degrees in psychology.


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