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Internal Consultation: Understanding Obesity

02 April 2019

The society publishes numerous reports and papers on areas of research, practice, ethics and education, which are prepared on the basis of the expert contributions of our members. To facilitate collaboration and expert input, an internal consultation has been launched to encourage members of Member Networks to comment on/contribute to draft documentation prior to its publication.

Obesity has received much attention from politicians, policymakers, healthcare professionals, the media and the public over the past few decades.

Indeed, since the formal recognition from the UK government in 1991 that obesity was a sufficient threat to the health of the nation to warrant a targeted response, addressing the issue has been a policy priority for almost thirty years.

While a wide range of policies are now in place, including the establishment of nutritional standards in schools, programmes aimed to boost physical activity, and weight management services.

However, while some interventions and services have been successful at the individual and community level, there has been little impact on halting the national rise of obesity rates.

This report looks at what psychological evidence and perspectives can add to help improve our combined response to Obesity.

It seeks to guide professionals and policy-makers who are working with individuals, groups and populations that are impacted by obesity to take an approach that is guided by psychology.

We have sought to produce guidance that recognises and builds on existing services, while identifying areas where further resources, standards, training and staff are required.

Getting Involved

Send your comments to [email protected] using the form below.

The deadline for responses is Thursday the 25th of April.

Please note:

  • The Society will only produce ONE response to any consultation.
  • Any response that goes under the Society logo MUST be signed off by the relevant Board Chair and Branch Chair in the case of Devolved Nations.
  • Responses on behalf of particular Divisions / Faculties /Member Networks are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Please do refer to the British Psychological Society Consultation Processes document which is attached before writing and sending any comments
  • Please ensure that all comments are based on Published Evidence and not solely on Clinical opinion


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