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Internal Consultation: Family Interventions in ‘Psychosis’: Guidelines for psychologists and practitioners supporting families and social networks

07 October 2020

These guidelines provide an overview of the current state of practice and knowledge regarding family interventions in psychosis and provide a guide for psychologists and other family work practitioners, regarding how to support and deliver these family interventions in services.

The importance of family support for people with psychosis and other mental health challenges has been further highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

In many areas remotely delivered family interventions have enabled families to continue to provide support whilst their loved one has been less able to access their usual mental health services.


The society publishes guidance, reports and position papers on areas of psychological education, research, professional practice and ethics.

These documents are prepared on the basis of the expert contributions of our members.

To facilitate cross-society collaboration and expert input, an internal consultation has been launched to encourage members of Member Networks to comment on/contribute to draft documentation prior to its publication.

This is an informal arrangement to support Member Networks in consulting with other Member Networks. 

Getting involved

If you are interested in commenting on this send your comments, using the response form below, to [email protected]

The deadline for responses is Wednesday 04 November 2020.


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