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Important notice for authors considering submitting their work to a BPS journal

14 July 2017

Authors should be aware of predatory publishers and ensure that their work is only submitted through official channels.

Authors considering submitting their work to any of our journals should be aware that the International Agency for Development of Culture Education and Science (IADCES) is not a partnered organisation of either the British Psychological Society (BPS) or our publishers Wiley-Blackwell.

The IADCES website claims that the organisation is a partner of Wiley-Blackwell on a number of our journals, including the British Journal of Psychology, but this is not the case and authors should not submit their work through this channel.

A practice known within the industry as predatory publishing, IADCES are using the name of established journals to solicit content from authors. Wiley-Blackwell are working in partnership with other publishers to find a solution to this issue, but in the meantime authors should exercise caution when submitting. 

Submissions should only be made through Editorial Manager, details of which can be found in the Wiley Online Library page of each of our journals.

More information for authors on how to ensure that journal submissions are only sent to legitimate sources can be found on the Think.Check.Submit website.



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