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Immediately rewatching lecture videos doesn’t benefit learning

15 January 2019

Given a passage of text to study, many students repeatedly re-read it in the hope the information will eventually stick. Psychology research has shown the futility of this approach.

Re-reading is a poor strategy, it’s too passive and it leads the mind to wander. Much better to test yourself on what you read, or explain it to yourself or someone else.

Now a paper in Experimental Psychology suggests the same is true of lecture videos – immediately re-watching them doesn’t lead to any greater learning.

Leonardo Martin and his team asked 72 participants to watch two lecture videos, both around 10 minutes long. One was a live recording of a lecture about sanitation in the middle ages; the other consisted of voice over slides and was about problem solving.

Read more in a new post by Christian Jarrett on our Research Digest blog.


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