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How our Policy team is taking psychology to policymakers

25 July 2018

The latest Policy Update from the Society looks back on the All-Party Parliamentary Group in Psychology panel discussion on mental health in the criminal justice system.

Held at Westminster on Wednesday 18 July, the discussion focused on managing youth-to-adult transitions in the criminal justice system. It explored the idea that young adults should receive a distinct and flexible approach at every stage of the criminal justice process if we are to reduce reoffending and improve social outcomes for them and their families. 

Speakers looked at prevention and early intervention strategies for children and young people, psychological wellbeing in prisons and what interventions can be effective, and the impact of working in the criminal justice system on civilian staff and how psychological approaches can help tackle this.

The event brought together experts and parliamentarians who are interested in improving mental health for people in the criminal justice system.

Policy Update keeps readers up to date with the team’s work and lists forthcoming inquiries at Westminster and the parliaments of the nations of the United Kingdom, as well as giving news from the field of public policy.

Dr Lisa Morrison Coulthard, the Society’s lead policy adviser, says:

“As well as setting out all the work done by our Policy team, this newsletter is useful source of news about the areas of public policy of interest to psychologists. Members are welcome to subscribe to it.”

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