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From hope to shock: the psychological impact of Brexit

03 April 2019

You may think you’ve heard enough about Brexit, but a symposium at our annual conference in May will offer fresh insights.

Convened by our new Political Psychology Section, it will ask how the prospect of Brexit is affecting the lives of politicians and voters.

Associate fellow Dr Richard Kwiatkowski will present data from a 20-year study of MPs to see how the 2016 vote has changed their views.

And the style of communication used by Theresa May will be dissected by society fellow Professor Richard Bull.

Papers will look at the change from hope to shock among Hungarian migrant workers in the UK and at the toll of uncertainty on Northern Ireland workplaces.

There will also be a study of people’s attitude to freedom of movement across the EU.

‘Brexit and me: psychological consequences of the UK leaving the European Union’ takes place at the Harrogate Convention Centre on Wednesday 1 May, the first day of the two-day event.

You can register and find full details of the programme on the conference website.


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