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Help us show how psychology can prevent poor health

16 September 2019

We are asking our members to help us show government the important role that psychology can play in preventing poor health.

The Department of Health and Social Care is holding a consultation on its document ‘Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s’ and we are planning a major response addressing the three areas it sets out:

  • Opportunities for personalised prevention at scale
  • Tackling key challenges to ill health
  • Building strong foundations for good health

To help us write that response, we are asking members with practical case studies or academic research on what can be done to tackle the causes of preventable ill health to share their expertise.

Sarb Bajwa, the BPS chief executive, said:

“This is a great opportunity for us to show government what psychology has to offer and put it at the heart of future health policy.

Prevention is a key policy priority for the Society, and our vision of it embraces the wider psychological and social influences on the individual that are so often ignored.

It is this comprehensive understanding of the meaning of prevention in health that will inform our response to this consultation.”


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