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Guidelines for psychologists working with refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

12 February 2018

These guidelines were developed by the British Psychological Society’s Presidential Taskforce on Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

The number of refugees and asylum seekers in the United Kingdom (UK), across Europe and across the world has increased dramatically since 2015.

As a discipline and a profession, psychology has a wealth of knowledge, experience and talent to apply in this area to help improve the lives of those who have fled their countries and are seeking safety.

This guidance document is important, not only for frontline psychologists and others working in the field, but also for practitioners in related disciplines.

It is an important resource for directors, managers and practitioners of organisations working with refugees and migrants and providing services to this population, at home and abroad.

This guidance will help everyone who is working with these vulnerable populations to access evidence-based psychology, which can help them to improve the lives of individuals and communities that have been affected by the ongoing crisis.

For more information please consult the document(s) below:


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