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Guidelines for Assessment of the PhD in Psychology and Related Disciplines

21 April 2017

These Guidelines are aimed at encouraging a consistent and transparent approach to the PhD examination process for candidates, supervisors and examiners.

The attached document has been developed by the Research Board in conjunction with the Association of Heads of Psychology Departments.

Please be aware that the guidelines contained within are intended to supplement existing University process and practice.

For ease of understanding and application they have been separated into six sections:

  • Section 1: The purpose of assessment of the PhD 5
  • Section 2: The selection of examiners 6
  • Section 3: Preparation for the examination 9
  • Section 4: Assessing the written submission of the candidate 10
  • Section 5: The oral examination 12
  • Section 6: Appeals by the candidate against the outcome of the examination

Please consult the document below for further information.


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