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Get involved in our member networks review

12 January 2021

We have kicked off our member network review, working with Korn Ferry, and we need your help over the coming weeks.

Currently, we are in the initial phases of information gathering and so far the team has been engaging with a number of stakeholders to collect insights and help confirm the scope of the review.

Korn Ferry has attended our recent forum meetings in November, and has been conducting interviews with a number of network chairs, trustees, and members of the Senior Management Team.

In the first quarter of 2021, we will be conducting a ‘deep dive’ to explore the specific questions we need to answer to create the vision and plan for change.

This will provide a clear idea of the shape of the reform and how it can be delivered, before the work then moves into a more detailed design and implementation phase across the rest of the year.

Focus group sessions will provide members from across the society with an opportunity to share their views and help us to produce a design for the future of our networks.

We are particularly keen to involve members who are not currently active in a network, but anyone, no matter your grade, stage of career or level of engagement, is welcome to get in touch and express an interest.

Groups will have 5-10 members and will meet on a weekly basis from the week commencing 18 January.

Members will discuss and explore a different theme or topic each week, such as the expectations of the outcome of the design, roles and responsibilities, decision making and governance, areas working well, and areas for improvement and opportunity.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact Helen Barnett before Friday 15 January.


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