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Feeling authentic in a relationship comes from being able to be your best self, not your actual self

08 March 2017

Psychological studies seem to show that authenticity in a relationship arises from the belief that we can be our ideal selves.

Feeling authentic in a relationship – that is, feeling like you are able to be yourself, rather than acting out of character – is healthy, not just for the relationship, but for your wellbeing in general.

Dig a little deeper, however, and things become slightly more complicated, because there are different ways to define who you "really" are.

For a paper in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, researchers asked members of the public whether they felt that the ability to be your "actual" self in a relationship was more important than being your "ideal" self, with some 70% of respondents agreeing.

Psychological research on the subject seems to disagree with the folk wisdom, with researchers across several studies finding evidence for the opposite - that is, feelings of authenticity in a relationship seem to arise not from being our actual selves in the relationship, but from feeling that we can be our best or ideal self. 

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