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Family doctors call for a new model of primary mental health care

15 December 2017

The British Psychological Society has welcomed the recent revised position statement from the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

Dr Lisa Morrison Coulthard, the Society’s acting director of policy, said:

“We share the RCGP’s belief that comprehensive primary care mental health services should be available to all. We also agree that with the statement’s conclusion that arguments for new models of care will remain theoretical unless there are changes to commissioning and funding arrangements.”

The statement calls for a radical move away from the current model of general practice to one where federations and networks of practices work together on the scale required for the effective integration on mental health services with primary care.  Psychologists are a core element of the multidisciplinary teams providing holistic, person-centred care and support alongside other medical and health care specialists.

It also says that general practice is facing some of its toughest challenges, with workload and demand at unprecedented levels, so it is critical that the mental health and wellbeing of general practitioners is made a priority.

You can download this position statement from the RGGP website. The British Psychological Society was one of the organisations involved in initial discussions with RGGP regarding the updating of the statement. 


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