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Expert to discuss effects of poverty at BPS annual conference 

25 March 2019

Princeton professor and author Eldar Shafir will explore how people’s behaviour in tough financial times can have a negative impact on how they make decisions, at the BPS annual conference in May.

When money is tight it’s difficult to think about things other than how to buy food and pay rent, Professor Shafir will argue in his keynote presentation Psychology and Policy in Contexts of Scarcity . It’s also a drain on our mental resources and research suggests it can undermine our ability to make good decisions about money.

Professor Shafir commented that:

“The research tries to develop better insights into the mind-set that arises in times of scarcity, with an eye towards improving policy making and hopefully improving people’s wellbeing.” 

Professor Shafir is Inaugural Director of the Kahneman-Treisman Center for Behavioural Science & Public Policy as well as a Professor in Behavioural Science and Public Policy and a Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs.

His recent book Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much focused on how scarcity, and our flawed responses to it, can shape our lives, society, and our culture.

He will present his keynote at the BPS annual conference in Harrogate on Wednesday 1 May.


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