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Draft ethical guidelines for working with extremism, violent extremism and terrorism

29 November 2017

This document was created by the British Psychological Society, Division of Forensic Psychology (DFP) Extremism working party, facilitated by Nic Bowes and Debbie McQueirns. The authors of the document are: Zainab Al-Attar, Jackie Bates-Gaston, Christopher Dean and Monica Lloyd.

These guidelines are intended for practitioner psychologists involved in work related to extremism, violent extremism or terrorism, either in the prevention of a first terrorist offence, or working with those after the event to prevent re-offending. Within a pluralist society, working with those whose motivation is ostensibly political carries particular ethical challenges which these guidelines seek to clarify.

Lead Author: Nicola Bowes ([email protected])

Issuing board: Professional Practice Board

Consultation launch date: Tuesday 28th November

Consultation deadline date: Friday 5th January



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