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Dr Trevor Powell awarded PPB Lifetime Achievement Award

04 April 2018

Dr Trevor Powell, a clinical psychologist and Associate Fellow of the Society, has worked as a clinical psychologist in Berkshire for over 30 years.

Since 1981 Dr Powell has worked in a variety of different specialties, providing sustained service to local adult psychological services. He has been Clinical Lead for county-wide neuropsychology services and Clinical Lead for Psychology in Adult Mental Health services.

Dr Powell said, “I’m really pleased and proud.  I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed my career.  Every day coming into work there has been something interesting, a different challenge and a sense of satisfaction.”

In recent years he was able to persuade Commissioners to support the operation of an Assessment for Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD) and Attentional Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Clinic.  This has provided the opportunity of an expert diagnostic service for NHS clients who would not otherwise receive specialist neuropsychology expertise locally.

Dr Powell has been the Chairman of the charity Headway Thames Valley for nearly 30 years.  The charity was originally set up by the mother of one of his patients and has developed into an active service provider in the Thames Valley and employs 11 staff.

Alison Clarke, Chair of the Professional Practice Board, said, “The lifetime achievement award is an opportunity for our society and our profession to celebrate the outstanding contribution of one of our own both to the profession and to the people we serve. We are proud to celebrate the lasting contribution of Dr Trevor Powell to enriching the lives of people through a better understanding of neuro-diverse conditions and better access to meaningful support to live more satisfying lives."

This annual award recognises and celebrates unusually significant and sustained contributions in a career as a Chartered practitioner of applied psychology. 



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