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Dementia: Meeting the needs of different communities

19 April 2018

The number of people affected by dementia from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities will rise more rapidly than the number from white communities.

That is one of the key messages from a briefing for policymakers on Dementia, accessibility and minority groups published by the British Psychology Society.
The briefing emphasises that different communities have different dementia-related needs and that psychological services need to be culturally appropriate. Otherwise different understandings of dementia, ageing and caregiving may discourage people from seeking help.
Services, says the briefing, should ensure equality of access to treatment for patients from different ethnic groups.
They should also work closely with BAME communities to raise awareness of dementia and ensure that awareness campaigns are specifically directed towards them.
The briefing was prepared by the Society’s Dementia Advisory Group. Its lead authors are Richard Cheston and Nicky Bradbury.


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