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Deep down we’re all shallow

12 March 2019

New research in neuroscience, behavioural psychology and perception shows we have no hidden depths to plumb and that unconscious thought is a myth.

That is the view our London and Home Counties Branch will hear from an adviser to the government’s Behavioural Insights Team later this month.

Nick Chater, Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School, will be discussing the ideas in his book The Mind is Flat.

There he argues that the attempt to discover what lies below our mental surface is a fruitless enterprise.

Instead, he says that we generate our ideas, motives and thoughts in the moment.

This explains many quirks of human behaviour, such as why our political beliefs, personal preferences and even our romantic attractions routinely prove to be inconsistent and changeable.

The evening event on 21 March is free and open to the public as well as BPS members.


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