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Children find outdoor lessons more fun and enjoyable

17 May 2018

Research presented at our recent annual conference in Nottingham by undergraduate student Derick Moore of the University of Glasgow showed that primary school children find lessons in a green space setting significantly more enjoyable than a classroom setting.

The Year 5 primary school students who participated in the research completed surveys to measure their wellbeing and self-esteem.  The results showed significant improvements in self-esteem after time spent in a natural setting. 

The natural setting also rated significantly higher for overall enjoyment than either a classroom or a playground setting.

Mr Moore said:

"Green space can have a hugely positive impact on a child's welfare. There has been so much support of this from previous research as well as my own undergraduate dissertation, however we continue to develop our green space. It is therefore our responsibility to support local community projects to ensure that there is sufficient green space for children to explore and benefit from in the future."

Today sees the first of two Outdoor Classroom Days this year, which aim to encourage schools and teachers to take their lessons outside.


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