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Can hallucinations lead to post-traumatic growth?

06 September 2018

If you contemplate how a person’s life would be changed by starting to hear or see things others can’t, can you imagine it could offer anything good?

A research team from Hull university and the surrounding NHS trusts suggest that among the tumult, hallucinations can also offer opportunities for growth. 

Writing in the Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy, lead author Lily Dixon and her team detail the experiences of seven people who have lived with verbal or auditory hallucinations and how, amid the struggles, their journeys have taken them to some positive places.

The five men and two women, aged 28 to 53, were recruited from mental health services. Some had begun experiencing hallucinations in childhood, others later in life.

The researchers interviewed them about how the experience had affected them and their relationships, the challenges they had faced, and what they expected from the future.


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