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Call for Evidence - Future of NHS General Practice Inquiry

18 November 2021

The Health and Social Care Committee have just launched an inquiry to explore the future of NHS general practice, investigating the key challenges over the next five years as well as the biggest obstacles to access to general practice.

The scope of the inquiry is fairly broad, but we are looking to provide specific evidence on the role psychologists can play in reducing the burden on GPs.

Find out more about the details of this inquiry here.

We will be submitting this as a BPS response and would appreciate members help with this. We are looking for evidence on the following points:

  • To what extent has general practice been able to work in effective partnerships with other professions within primary care and beyond to free more GP time for patient care?
  • Has the development of Primary Care Networks improved the delivery of proactive, personalised, coordinated and integrated care and reduced the administrative burden on GPs?
  • How does regional variation shape the challenges facing general practice in different parts of England, including rural areas?

If you would like to contribute, please send any comments and supporting evidence references.

This can be completed on a word document or in the body of an email.

Any supporting information covering the role of psychologists in primary care would also be welcomed.

Please send all contributions to [email protected]

The deadline for submissions is midday on Friday  03 December.


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