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Bringing scientists and school students together

24 April 2017

There’s still time for schools and scientists to sign up to the next round of I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here.

This free online event allows school students to meet and interact with scientists. It’s an X Factor-style competition between scientists, where students are the judges.

Students challenge the scientists over fast- live online text-based chats. They ask the scientists anything they want, and vote for their favourite scientist to win a prize of £500 to communicate their work with the public.

There will be two psychology zones, sponsored by the Society, running from Monday 12 to Friday 23 June 2017: the Relationships Zone and the Mental Health Zone.

In the Relationships Zone, Psychologists might be looking at how our social networks change from childhood through to old age and how early attachment can have far-reaching implications for our later life, or researching how romantic relationships form, are maintained and break down.

And in the Mental Health Zone they might be studying different explanations for mental illnesses and whether they can be caused by genetics or experience. Or they might be a clinical psychologist, working with children with behavioural problems or mothers with postnatal depression.

Both zones are suitable for KS4 and A level Psychology students.

British Psychogical Society member Dr Sam Smith from the University of Leeds says:

“I participated last year and had a fantastic experience. The students were engaged and interested in hearing about my research and the wider field I work in.

It was a perfect opportunity for me to increase my public engagement as I could do it from my desk at specific times during my working week.”

You can find full details of how schhols and scientists can sign up to take part on the I'm a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here website.

The closing date for applications is 2 May 2017.


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