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BPS welcomes news that people suffering ‘Long Covid’ symptoms will be offered specialist help by NHS

07 October 2020

We've welcomed the announcement by NHS Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens that there will be significant NHS investment in support for people experiencing persistent effects from Covid-19.

Speaking at the NHS Providers conference on Wednesday 7 October 2020, NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens announced that £10 million is be invested this year in additional local funding to help kick start and designate Long Covid clinics in every area across England, to complement existing primary, community and rehabilitation care. 

Welcoming the announcement, Dr David Murphy, BPS vice-president and chair of the BPS Covid-19 coordinating group, said:

“We know that many thousands of people, including health and care staff, who have contracted Covid-19 are still experiencing significant symptoms and disability months later.

We also know that many of these patients, particularly those who were not hospitalised, have had their situation exacerbated by difficulties accessing help, and on some occasions have even not been believed by health professionals.

I would personally like to pay tribute to the patient-led groups, such as Long Covid SOS and the Long Covid Support Group, who have fought to raise awareness.

There are both physical and psychological effects of Covid-19, and we are pleased that this has been explicitly recognised in the announcement of a network of multidisciplinary Covid-19 clinics, that will include psychological assessment as a core component. 

The BPS has played a central role in the development of the Your Covid Recovery programme, and many psychologists have contributed to the development of both the public website, and also to phase two of the programme, which is due to be launched soon.

We are highly committed to future collaborative work to support people experiencing long-term effects of Covid-19, including being part of the Long Covid Taskforce announced today.”


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