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BPS welcomes extra £9.4m investment in children and young people’s mental health services in Wales

06 February 2021

We’ve welcomed the Welsh Government’s extra £9.4m investment in children and young people’s mental health services in Wales.

The additional funding has been announced during Children’s Mental Health Week, recognising the effect being away from school and regular support networks has had on young people during the pandemic.
Joshua Payne, chair of BPS' Welsh Branch, said: “We welcome the news that the Welsh Government is investing further in children and young people’s mental health services in Wales. 

“The Coronavirus crisis has placed unprecedented stress on children and young people. Due to the lockdown restrictions, many children and young people have lost access to the support services and networks that could help them to manage their mental health.  

“We welcome the steps that the Welsh Government has already taken to prioritise mental health, including the recent appointment of a dedicated Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing. As we slowly come out of lockdown over the coming months, we need to ensure that key services are there to support children and young people to navigate the path ahead and thrive.

“As we look ahead to the Senedd Election, our manifesto sets out policies that would improve the health and wellbeing of both children, young people and adults across Wales. Our policy calls are backed by psychological evidence and includes a specific call for a strategy for young people’s mental health. Our manifesto can be found here.” 




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