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BPS welcomes budget announcements as a step towards parity of esteem for mental health

29 October 2018

The British Psychological Society has welcomed the new mental health measures announced in today’s budget.

In his speech the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced that the NHS 10-year plan will include a new mental health crisis service. This will make comprehensive mental health support available in every major A&E department and provide children and young people’s crisis teams in every part of the country.

He also announced more safe havens in the community and more mental health ambulances, as well as a 24-hour mental health crisis hotline.

In reponse Sarb Bajwa, chief executive of the Society, said:

“Earlier this month the Society’s Senate agreed that the mental wellbeing of children and young people would be our policy priority for 2019. So we are pleased to see the Chancellor’s commitment to children and young people’s crisis teams.

But the measures announced today, welcome as they are, must be seen as only one step on the path to real parity of esteem between mental and physical health in the NHS. Only last week we signed, along with many other mental health organisations, an open letter to the Prime Minister citing research on how spending would have to double to £23.9billion by 2030/31 to achieve real parity. 

There was a lot about helping in a crisis in today’s speech, but psychology has a great deal to contribute to the prevention of mental health problems. We should consider the wider social factors that can cause them and remember that prevention can often be cheaper than cure.”


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