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BPS welcomes £816 million investment in health research

14 September 2016

The British Psychological Society is delighted at the government’s announcement today of £816m investment in many vital areas of health research including dementia, obesity and adult’s and children’s mental health.

This commitment from the Department of Health recognises the need for more funding for research into preventing mental health conditions, and other conditions which have a psychological impact, and in finding interventions that really work.

The focus on biomedical research is welcome but this must not be at the expense of further research focused on the psychosocial aspects of mental health conditions.

Professor Peter Kinderman, President of the British Psychological Society said:

“We already know a great deal about the causes of mental health problems. We know the impact of poverty and social deprivation on mental health, and the psychological consequences of austerity, unemployment and debt. We similarly know that violence, abuse and neglect have clear impacts on our mental health.

"While we must explore the biological components, and develop new biological treatments with fewer of the common and distressing adverse effects of existing drugs, it is also worth pointing out that we have very successful and effective psychological therapies. There has been increasing public attention in, and government support for, such therapies over recent years, but there is much more to do.

"The additional investment in research must also be used to support those psychological and psychosocial therapies that respect the true causes of psychological distress, and most effectively help people to solve the very real problems they face.”


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