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BPS Review of the Year 2020

26 July 2021

Our Review of the Year 2020 gives an overview of our achievements and the work that we, and our members, have delivered to help achieve our vision.

"2020 was a time of change and uncertainty for our 66,000 members, yet psychology came to the fore as a discipline and psychologists worked across disciplines to add value in every walk of life from mental health, education, understanding home working and within organisations."

Dr Hazel McLaughlin FBPS, FRSA
BPS President 2020-2021

The pandemic brought into sharp focus the mental health challenges across every part of society on a scale that was previously unimagined. Our members have played a pivotal role in helping the nation to cope and, as the BPS responded to help support a society in lockdown and a National Health Service at the very limits of its capacity, we continued to be a strong advocate for psychology and psychologists at every level.

We have worked to support our members in the excellent work they do, engage more and work to understand their needs, increase our public, media and stakeholder engagement and sought to influence public policy at the highest level.

Despite remote working from March onwards, we continued to produce high-quality journals, publications, newsletters and online events for our members. Not least, we pressed ahead with our investment in people and systems to take forward the successful realisation of the ambitious change programme set out in last year’s report.

Trustees' Annual Report 2020

The trustees are pleased to present their Report and the Group Financial Statements of The British Psychological Society (‘the Society’) for the year ended 31 December 2020.


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