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BPS responds to proposed NHS mental health access standards

23 July 2021

NHS England has opened a new consultation on proposed mental health standards, aimed at improving patient access to mental health services and support.

These proposed standards are a welcome step towards ensuring parity between physical and mental health within the NHS, and making sure that people can access the services and support they need. They will also give people an understanding of the level care they can expect.

Diane Ashby, deputy chief executive of the BPS, said:

“We look forward to consulting with our membership and drawing on their expertise and knowledge to shape the BPS’ response to the proposals.

“We know that early intervention and early help is vitally important to preventing a mental health difficulty becoming a crisis. There is no doubt that the pandemic will have long-lasting impacts on mental health, and therefore it is imperative that services are able to provide people with the rapid support and evidence-based treatment they need. These standards are a welcome step to ensuring that.”

As well as these new standards, it is important that the workforce is in place to deliver services, and this includes psychologists and the wider psychological workforce. The BPS will continue to work closely with the NHS about the role of the psychological workforce as part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

The BPS will soon open its call to members to submit their comments, thoughts and share their expertise to shape the BPS response to the consultation. Please keep an eye on the website and in member communications for more information.


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