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BPS Research Digest round up

13 September 2019

Our new weekly round up of news items from the BPS Research Digest. The digest blogs about psychological science while also casting a critical eye over its methods. With over 100,000 followers across social media the digest blog continues to grow in popularity and international prominence, attracting millions of readers every year.

Stress is a fact of life but can you make stress work in your favour? Apparently so, if you approach it with a positive mindset according to this week’s Digest. 

A 2017 study found that, when faced with a challenging day, people who see pressure and stress as opportunities to learn and grow are better at developing successful coping strategies. Their performance is boosted and they feel energised at the end of a challenging day. The opposite is true for those with a negative mindset.

In another report a recent study demonstrated that a simple change to the order of options on a McDonald’s menu could nudge customers to healthier options.
Published in Psychology & Marketing the study involved 622 stores and for 12 weeks they swapped Coke Zero from the third item on the menu to the first and put Coca-Cola in the last position.

The menu change increased Coke Zero sales by 30 per cent and sales of Coca-Cola fell by 7 per cent compared to the 12 weeks before the study. This was a reduction of about 345 sales of Coca-Cola per store.

Find out more by visiting the BPS Research Digest website. 


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