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BPS publishes its psychological manifesto for the general election

18 November 2019

The British Psychological Society has set out its priorities for the next government.

In our Psychological Manifesto we call for a cross-government strategy to foster the development and wellbeing of the youngest children.

Our other priorities are a truly transformational approach to health that emphasises prevention, and action on inequality that will take communities from poverty to flourishing.

The manifesto puts forward detailed policies to make these aims a reality.

Our chief executive Sarb Bajwa says:

"Our manifesto sets out policies on health and inequality that would make a huge difference to people’s wellbeing.

They are backed by psychological evidence and were developed in collaboration with our members.

But we don’t just want the parties to adopt our policies: we want to change the way they make policy.

That’s why we are calling on them to think about how psychological evidence and expertise can improve their own policymaking.

We hope members will send the manifesto to their local candidates."


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