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BPS President launches dementia report in Wales

20 February 2017

Professor Peter Kinderman calls for a better understanding of the psychological impact faced by the approximately 45,000 people in Wales who are living with dementia.

British Psychological Society President Professor Peter Kinderman launched 'Psychological dimensions of dementia: Putting the person at the centre of care' in Wales last week.

The BPS brought together clinical and academic psychologists and neuropsychologists, including a retired psychologist living with dementia, to produce this, its first position statement on the issue.

It was produced with a team that included Professor Bob Woods of Bangor University, who is a professor of Clinical Psychology of Older People and Honorary Consultant Clinical Psychologist for Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

The British Psychological Society’s position statement makes a number of recommendations, applicable across the UK. They include:

  • People with dementia should be supported in making their own decisions as far as possible
  • Care and treatment should be individually tailored to each person’s needs and circumstances
  • Dementia care plans must cover all the person’t needs, including equal access to the right healthcare for other mental or physical health needs
  • Families and carers should be included in care planning at all times and have access to psychological support. 

Professor Kinderman commented:

"People living with dementia should not be at risk of feeling isolated and dislocated. That's why maintaining a sense of control, identity, and connection needs to be a key focus as dementia progresses.

We need to ensure that we maintain people's active and meaningful involvement in and engagement with decisions about their own lives and in planning and evaluating the services they receive."

The full BPS report can be read here.


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