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BPS opposes proposed ban on transgender people in US military

02 August 2017

The British Psychological Society supports both the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association in their opposition to the recent proposed ban on transgender personnel in the US military.

Dr Joanna Semlyen, member of the BPS Psychology of Sexualities Section, said:

“There is no evidence that the transpopulation could not serve in any role in society, military or otherwise, in any way other than at the very least equal to the cis-gendered population.  We know that trans people face significant stigma in society and this stigmatisation impacts on well-being. Indeed, trans people, as do other members of the LGBT+ population, experience significant mental distress as a result of the discrimination they experience. 

"The recent announcement from President Trump that trans people "cannot serve in any capacity" in the US military lacks any psychological evidence basis and is discriminatory. The BPS supports full equality for all individuals regardless of gender or sexual identity.“

The BPS recently published its commitment to promote equality, diversity and inclusion and to challenge prejudice and discrimination.




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