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BPS member’s climate change report inspires Panorama

18 October 2019

A chartered BPS member’s report on climate change formed the basis of this week’s BBC One Panorama programme.

In Climate change: what can we do? a family tried the changes all consumers will have to make to achieve the government’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. These covered areas like diet, transport and home heating.

The report by Dr Richard Carmichael was also covered by Sky News and by newspapers including:

Most media coverage focused on his call for the scrapping of air miles.

The report itself, 'Behaviour change, public engagement and net zero', was written for the Committee on Climate Change, an independent statutory body that advises government.

Dr Carmichael said:

“Consumers need support to take actions that will deliver large emissions reductions, but these need not be costly or require big lifestyle changes, and many come with co-benefits, such as air quality improvements in towns and cities from switching to electric vehicles, less diet-related disease and preserving biodiversity.

These changes are unlikely to happen quickly enough if the government does not remove obstacles currently frustrating the behavioural and societal shifts needed.”


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