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BPS launches voluntary registration scheme for psychological roles

10 June 2021

The British Psychological Society has developed a voluntary registration scheme for a number of psychological roles that are currently unregulated.

This includes psychological wellbeing practitioners, children’s wellbeing practitioners and education mental health practitioners, for which NHS England has just approved the BPS and the BABCP to provide a registration scheme.

The BPS is also registering roles from around the wider psychological workforce that fall outside of the NHS England scheme. These roles include clinical associates in psychology in Scotland, and the new clinical associate in psychology role.

The BPS Wider Psychological Workforce register is now ready for applications. If you are a psychological wellbeing practitioner or a clinical associate in applied psychology you can join the register now. Other roles will be available in the near future.

For further information about registration and what it means for you and your employer, we’ve created some frequently asked questions with further information.


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