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BPS launches Mentoring Service Steering Group

30 April 2021

Our Member Journey initiative showed repeated calls for a mentoring service, with members saying that ‘a high-quality service would contribute significantly to the profession, the lives and careers of individuals’.

There are a number of mentoring schemes already running within the BPS networks, but no central support or infrastructure for those existing schemes or other new ones.

The BPS Mentoring Service will fill that gap by offering a platform for multiple mentoring schemes with a core set of standards, administrative policies and procedures, and guidance materials that will steer and support those mentoring schemes, while each individual scheme will be a distinct offering that has its own specified audience and purposes and mode of operation.

We have convened a Mentoring Service Steering Group of experienced members whose role it is to define and develop the infrastructure for the service. The group held its first meeting recently and agreed terms of reference and a project plan.

The intention is to complete the framework by the end of the year, and to launch the new service in spring/summer 2022.

We will start by piloting existing schemes, making use of the new technology offered by our new membership database and associated tools. We will then be seeking suggestions for new member-led schemes to support specific and identified member needs.


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